Our history

After six generations of working in oil, Reficesur has been founded as a modern-minded company yet one faithful to its principles as a family firm.

Reficesur has the flavour of more than a century and a half of oil-making tradition inherited from Vicente Aguado Jiménez (the man who founded Aceites Aguado y Cía in 1835) and in which we have always had the same purpose; to market the oil made in the local area.

The entrepreneurial drive of Jacinto Aguado Fariñas, one of his descendants, led him to site the company in Yuncos in Toledo province, thus giving rise to one of the Spanish firms with the longest tradition in the production of olive oils and which is now managed by his grandson, Jacinto Aguado Sánchez, who preserves the tradition unbroken.

Since then we have used the fruit of our olive groves and the purest methods from over 150 years ago to make the finest olive oil with all of Reficesur’s experience and guarantees, and we have also extended our business project to over 20 countries on the five continents where the Paula Aguado brand is sold.


Our facilities

Reficesur  has over 50,000 square metres of floor space in an ideal location in the commercial and communications centre of Spain.

In our facilities we produce, refine, manufacture, pack and separate pastes (oleins). This is the only way to get the best product by being involved in every stage of the production process up to the final sale.

We have an up to date refinery equipped with cutting-edge technology, which has a production capacity of 150 tons per day, plus two separate fully automated packing plants with a capacity of 30,000 tons per year.

In addition, we have set up a fully equipped laboratory with the latest in food analysis technology which monitors the quality and authenticity of the products that are sold.

On the sales side, our large team of foreign trade specialists attends the major international events, which makes us into one of the leading export companies in the country.

The main markets for our oils are China, Russia, the USA and Latin America which account for 40% of exports, with the rest going to European Union countries.


Our values define the character of our company, our products and our service and are the guiding principle of our organisation.


We act with integrity, honesty and respect for all the people and organisations with which we interact and the environment in which we operate.


Teamwork is the basis of all our relationships. We work together with our customers, suppliers, partners and allies in the collective and shared pursuit of excellence.


We strive to be leaders not only in our business but also in all our relationships. We are a company with a vision of the future that is based on innovation, excellence, sustainability and social responsibility.


Our mission

We are a Spanish company that produces and sells extra virgin olive oil to meet growing demand in domestic and international markets. We do this with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, an ongoing focus on enhancing the quality of all our production and service processes and a commitment to cater for the needs and requirements of our customers. These customers are:

  • The consumers of our products
  • The company’s shareholders and human resources
  • Spanish families

We respond to the challenges the country is facing with enthusiastic and qualified people, specialised technical advice and training programmes, financial resources based on solid operations and marketing, cutting-edge technology and an ambitious project that generates new jobs and higher revenue. All of this has made us into the leading olive oil producer in the country which means we can contribute to the economic development of the region and put TOLEDO firmly on the map of the world’s olive groves.

Our vision

To be the extra virgin olive oil producer with the highest level of innovation, technology, quality and service in Spain.

This is a clear and objective vision that does not allow for uncertainty or divergence in our performance and poses an enormous challenge for everyone in the company. This commitment requires us to optimise our quality standards in all production and service processes and leverage our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, our knowledge and experience, our state-of-the-art technology and our dedication to service excellence to cater for our customers’ needs and requirements with premium quality products.

Our vision is much more than just ideas and words; it is the strength and initiative that channels our energy and motivates us to achieve ambitious goals, it is team spirit and an inspiring component of the personal and collective life of all members of REFICESUR.



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Contact Details

  • Ctra. Yuncos-Valmojado, km. 21,100 45210-YUNCOS (TOLEDO) ESPAÑA
  • +34 925 553 700
  • +34 925 553 702
  • info@reficesur.com
  • http://www.reficesur.com/